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=== [[Small jQuery Reference]] ===
=== [[Small jQuery Reference]] ===
=== [[Small jQuery Cheat Sheet]] ===
== [[Helpers]] ==
== [[Helpers]] ==

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Welcome to the PaskvilWiki!

The future shape of this wiki is unknown for now, let's hope it'll be something good...

This is partially a private wiki - viewing is allowed to all, but editing is allowed only to registered users.

This is more of a prevention than denial - I don't have time to monitor and moderate edits; - you're more than welcome to request registration, all contributors are very much welcome!

Just write me at josef.at.paskvil.dot.com.


Setup sendmail, and Send Emails


Simple Guide to SVN Client

Bullets on how to use SVN client.

Creating a SVN Repository

How to create a new SVN repository to serve using svnserve, via svn+ssh or via Apache.

Moving a SVN Repository

Moving complete SVN repository from one host to another.

Setup a SVN Server on a Shared Hosting

How to setup SVN hosting (via svn+ssh) if you're on a shared hosting client - no root access.

Video Streaming etc.

Install Apache and PHP to do Secure h264 Pseudo Streaming

References and Tutorials

Emacs and Slime Reference

Small jQuery Reference

Small jQuery Cheat Sheet


Short Notes

Rip Video DVD that is not Finalized



Linux Administration