Short Notes on AWS

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Can't connect to EC2 instance

The obvious 2 problems with incoming requests, that are outside of AWS's scope:

  • check the instance's firewall
  • check that the app is listening to all incoming ( or your IP, not just

On the AWS side, check the following:

  • make sure the Elastic IP is associated with the instance
    • find the instance in the EC2 > Instances
    • look under Description tab, Elastic IP
    • if it's not, go to EC2 > Elastic IPs
    • choose Elastic IP from the list (or, allocate new on) that is not associated with any instance
    • choose Actions > Associate address, and associate it with the instance
  • make sure Security group permissions allow the connection
    • go to EC2 > Security Groups
    • select the security group (you can find which security group instance is in in the list on EC2 > Instances page, last column)
    • on the Inbound tab, check that your protocol is enabled for Source (or from your IP)
  • make sure your Internet Gateway is connected to your VPC
    • make sure the Internet Gateway is attached to your VPC, under VPC > Internet Gateways > Summary tab
    • go to VPC > Route Tables, select route table for your VPC
    • under Routes tab, make sure that route with destination, with Target being your internet gateway, exists and is Active